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Empower your students
with financial skills for life

Get the LSJ Financial Literacy curriculum for your students:
  • iconFor high-school students
  • iconSix-week curriculum
  • iconIncludes teacher guidance and student worksheets
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Whatever path they take, financial literacy will prepare your students for life

Whether they become a doctor, a lawyer, or a plumber – all of your students will have to manage their finances.
The problem is, unless they learn it now, most of them never will.
And that’s why we’ve created…

The Living Smarter Jewish Curriculum

A comprehensive, 6-week course for high-school students – and ready for teachers to use.
iconTeacher guidance, ideas, and tips
iconStimulating student worksheets
iconSupplemental handouts

What does the curriculum cover?

Budgeting and cash flow management

Money is glorified in society, but it’s really only a means to an ends

  • The concept of money
  • Cash-flow management
  • Banking basics
  • Financial circle of life

Debt management

Not all debt was created equal

  • Good versus bad debt
  • Mortgages
  • Credit cards and their pitfalls
  • Debt management


Once you have a family and home, you need to protect them

  • Why you need insurance
  • What it is
  • How it works

Debt management

Not all debt was created equal

  • How risk works – (no free lunches despite what TikTok promises)
  • Investment versus speculation
  • Compound interest
  • Tax and investing
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What is Living Smarter Jewish?

Living Smarter Jewish, a project of the Orthodox Union, was started to help frum families with their #1 shared challenge: the rising costs of a frum lifestyle. At the same time, we understand that financial problems don’t begin in a vacuum. If we can educate our students BEFORE they step out into the world, we’re empowering them to avoid pitfalls, make smart decisions, and be as successful as possible with the opportunities they have.