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How to Work 3 Days a Week & Earn More (with Jeff Cohen) | KOSHER MONEY Episode 34

Welcome to your ticket to achieving the ultimate workplace benefit– more time and more money! Each of us gets just 168 precious hours of life per week. If you’re like most folks you work fifty of those hours and sleep another fifty. That means 60% of your time is spoken for before the alarm even rings Monday morning. Jeff Cohen of (check out his podcast there!) authored a book named The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Working Less, Earning More and it is all about learning to pay your life first. It’s about learning to work less, earn more, and ultimately live a better life. So if working fewer hours while increasing your current income sounds good to you, then you’ve come to the right podcast! Jeff’s Books ⬇️ ► The Complete Guide to Working Less, Earning More: ► Recession-Proof Your Career: